FSP offers, that you can become a part of FSP Academy. Here you will get a price of 48.700 euro + vat could have a season in the Danish Formula 4 championship, we focus on developing you as driving not only on, but also outside the track.

Calendar 2019:

27.-28. april Padborg Park Super GT – Opening race
8.-9. june FDM Jyllandsringen DTC – June race
22.-23. june Ring Djursland Super GT – Summer race
26.-28. july Kinnekulle (Sweden) Raceweek
24.-25. august Padborg Park Night Race
6.-8. september FDM Jyllandsringen Grand Prix Denmark
21.-22. september Ring Djursland DTC – Fall race
5.-6. october FDM Jyllandsringen DTC – Finale