We believe that we have put together a good package, but wat is included and what is the price? The Price for an 7 race Danish championship with FSP support is  € 45,050.- But what does that include? I might be easier to list what is not and what the driver should bring.

  • License (National EU or international grade C)
  • Driver suit, FHR (HANS), helmet ect.
  • A mechanic/helper, mainly to help change wheels/fuel the car fasten seatbelts and similar tasks
  • Driver/mechanic transportation and accommodation
  • Paint/sticker on the car, depending on wishes
  • Pay for any damage on the car, important the point out that this price does NOT include any form of insurance

In short that leaves FSP in charge for the following:

  • Servicing the car between races and any testdays
  • Transportation and tent for the car
  • 1st mechanic, engineers ect
  • Fees for the series and races
  • Normal wear parts such as brakepads, oil, fuel

The basic concept is that you bring you own car, if you do not have a car the series promotor, High Class Racing, offers the rent the car. Renting the car at HCR includes 3 sets of wheels and the allowed spring/anti roll bar kit.

In reality tires will be invoiced as they are used, the price in based on 1 set per weekend (maximum allowed). Wets are as such not included in the price.

The price below is based on rental car from HCR, 7 meetings which a maximum of 1 meeting outside Denmark.

Date   Amount in euro
Signing FSP 1st payment 8.500,- €
Signing High Class Racing, 1st payment, car rental 4.000,- €
March 15th FSP 2nd payment 8.500,- €
Running Payment per metting 1.700,- € total at 8 mettings 11.900,- €
Running  Tires per metting 750,- € total at 8 mettings* 5.250,- €
May 15th High Class Racing, 2nd payment, car rental 2.800,- €
August 15th High Class Racing, 3th payment, car rental 2.600,- €
Car returning Brake/engine/gearbox service at rental car, returning 1.500,- €
  Totalt 45.050,- €
Danish test days** 1.700,- €*** for test + 750,- € for tires 2.450,- €


* There is no rain tire in the price, all tires most been paid at the latest by fitting on rims. Tyre prices are 2020 prices.

** Please note noice restriction in Denmark makes some testdays very special

*** Danish test day the price is for track leasing of a maximum of €400,-

In addition, we would like to draw attention to the fact that there is no insurance in these offers, so it is up to the driver to pay for any damage the racer may have while driving.

All amounts are excl. VAT and taxes, where applicable. As well as denominated in Euro.